Lighting is so very important to any event, especially yours. DPC Event Services has become the go-to specialists in all lighting needs.

Colors are endless, millions of color choices through digital display for each of red, green, blue, white. Uplights are custom manufactured for us exclusively and feature:

All DPC Lights are manufactured by DPC Event Services, allowing us to offer you a product you going often see in the South Texas area. Our lights are among the most powerful light in such a small clean fixture. Boasting 10-watt individual LEDs with full 4-in-1 color changeability, they will evenly light from flop to the top of the highest ceilings. They produce soft-edged, vibrant light with nor rainbow effect or harsh laser look. Being LED, the are child safe and cold to the touch.

Let your florals and centerpieces shine with our 10-watt LED pinspotting or our golden flood pinspots. These illuminate the table in itself instead of the entire room as a whole. The can be rigged from the ceiling using existing light fixtures or our artificial tower anchors.

Elegant 10 watt bulbs over 24″ strung high above the reception site. Lights can be dimmed to fir the mood. Golden and colored bulbs available. Over 2,000 feet of string lights available. All reinforced with 1/8″ steel cable.

Black & White or Full Color
750 watts illuminates a dance floor or 20 story building with custom names, monograms, or company logos. Patterned and textured gobs can be used to enhance a theme or fill a dead space or plain walls.

Trussing can be used to create a custom look, elective lights to necessary heights, and create artificial anchors for other lighting and decor features. With over 240 feet of 12 foot box truss in our inventory, we can provide a wide variety of event creations.

Our 500-1200 watt moving heads bring light, imagery, and movement together. Add one of our 1500 watt haze machines and let the giant beams of vibrant light change the evening and performance. These can also be used for game shows and spotlighting a subject from 360 degrees.

Does your venue have a dangerously dark area or just want to add a little excitement? Illuminate a walkway or area with many different lighting options including LED rope lighting, string lights, up lights, tiki torches, and more etc.

Our full DMX packages allow every light in the building to change color and actions on command. Lights can fade from one color to the next at certain times or stay a single color.
FOR EXAMPLE: Single color during first dance… Beat to the music during party time… All white during toasts!

Booked a band that needs lighting or just want to enhance a performance? We offer a wider range of LEDs, PARs, trees, floods, effect lights and more!

All chandeliers are installed by our professional riggers and equipped with dimmers to change the lighting atmosphere at any moment. We offer 2 collections that both include 2-tier and 3-tier crystal.

Available in 8-foot, 12-foot, and 14-foot lengths.